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  • Bay Leaks – A secure, anonymous whistleblower platform focused on news in the Bay Area. Collaboration with John Shutt.
  • Berkeley Law School – Secretly went to law school and obtained a J.D. Became a member of the bar in California. 2010 – 2013.
  • Hype Up Weekend – A weekend long project devoted to launching fake startups and attempting to obtain press coverage. Collaboration with Greg Marra.
  • Most Likely to Succeed – A monthly e-mail newsletter devoted to archiving and re-releasing the music that people made when they were in high school and middle school.
  • Robot, Robot & Hwang LLP – A series of conferences and meetups devoted to experiments at the intersection of legal and computer code.
  • ROFLCon – A series of conferences focused on memes and internet culture. Held at MIT biennially from 2008 – 2012. Co-founded with Christina Xu and Diana Kimball.
  • TableFlip – A daylong conference focused on the art of tabletop game design. Collaboration with Patrick Ewing.